20 Tips to improve memory

Health is the most important. This is one of the most repeated and accurate sentences that exist, but do you do everything necessary to take care of it as it deserves?

Surely many people when we talk about health think about physical problems, but to limit the physical term as broad as health is wrong. Health goes much further and comes directly to our mind. Can we say that we are in good health if we have mental problems? The answer to this question is a resounding no.

Our brain is one of the most important parts of the body and therefore we must take care of it in an optimal way. Thanks to our brain we have the ability to think, feel, make decisions, remember… It is in this last action in which many people feel that their brain begins to fail, in memories, that is, in memory.

Memory plays a crucial role in our lives because thanks to it we preserve the knowledge that helps us to develop correctly in the world.

Therefore, and in order to have a good memory, it is absolutely necessary to exercise it optimally. To achieve this goal today we will explain how to exercise memory through some advice.

Before entering with the memory tips you should be clear about certain aspects. In order to improve and increase memory, it is essential that you know what it is and how it works, you should be sure of how your memory is at this moment and immediately recognize any type of problem you find in it. Once the problem is recognized, you must always maintain a positive attitude, that will help you to be consistent with the memory training you set for yourself.

Tips to keep the memory active

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  • Be an active person: avoid passivity and carry out activities that make us feel useful and that we are part of society.
  • Take care of eating healthy eating and try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily, in order to feel well rested and help the brain to function better.
  • Connecting with people is crucial, it “forces” us to stay active, to use language and to set our heads in motion.
  • Get properly oxygenated and practice relaxation through breathing.
  • Never stop learning new things: show anxieties and desire to learn, to be impressed by knowledge. Never lose the curiosity to know more.
  • Be independent. Do not let others help you with everything.
  • The word games: Currently there are many games that help the practice of language so that they help us not to forget the words. In addition to word games, board games also help stimulate the mind.
  • Laugh Never stop smiling because laughter takes away the stress that, in many cases, is the culprit of memory problems.
  • Never stop telling the stories: tell all your memories to children, grandchildren, neighbors … and if you do not want to listen to them anymore, try to keep a diary or some memories in which to record all your memories day by day.
  • Introduce news in your day to day to avoid falling into monotony.
  • Stimulate all the senses, smelling flowers, listening to classical music, seeing beautiful works of art …
  • Let the imagination fly. This is very useful and very easy to do. Imagine the end of a movie or a book that is being read, face people as they emerge in conversations …
  • Reading is tremendously useful since one of the benefits of reading is that it helps with memory problems by stimulating it.
  • Observe your surroundings and list everything you see on the streets.
  • Perform physical exercise
  • Listen to the radio and watch cultural programs on television.
  • Explain your knowledge to the little ones around you.
  • Keep our environment organized.
  • Look at old photos and videos.
  • Write letters, recipes or anything else that interests us.

There are many more tips for memory, but the best we can say is that you are always happy and above all, understanding, even today you have no memory problems, but nobody knows what will happen in the future.

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